Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Episode 1 - Girl in Fundoshi

I was told this girl wears fundoshi, so I decided to check this show out. If you want a pointless show with lots of girls in it, I guess this one is pretty much on the spot. Apparently its about this dude that wants to help people or something, ends up going to a magic school, then is predicted to become a demon king.

This show does not look like it has any potential to be considered great, but not like I care. Like I said earlier, I am pretty much watching the show for fundoshi girl. I already forgot everyone's names.

Here is a peek of fundoshi girl's fundoshi

Fundoshi girl in action, giving off a better shot of her fundoshi

Pretty much this is all I care about from this show. The plot seems pretty simple. Main char goes to a future telling bird that's kinda like that sorting hat from Harry Potter and gets his future occupation predicted as demon king. Everyone panics and then runs in fear, but you see some girls that are planning on interacting with him in the future. They don't say what they are going to do at the moment, but they don't appear to be the types of characters to wear fundoshi, so I didn't care much about them.

Future telling, smoking underwear bird

The version I saw had some pretty bad censoring, hopefully a different station's broadcast won't be so poorly censored.

No peeking at fundoshi apparently

No idea what was so bad about this one scene that they had to blacken half of it out

It looks like they just took an eraser and erased her boobs off, but I'm more upset by the fact that her fundoshi doesn't dig into her buttcrack

I think this will be a pretty fun show to watch no matter how it turns out.


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